A Child’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa.

I have been verry gude this year. I would like you to brng me some dirt. Specilly, dirt on the Bidens.

That would be coole cause the guys who werk in this bilding say I can expect a peach mint soon. I don’t like mints, specilly peach mints. Already they tell me I have a probblem with molu mints. I nevver hear of molu mints. They sound spensive.

They are even talking bout a trial. I don’t want a trial. I can’t sit stil for long, specially wif peopl watching me. My bon spurs hurt. And my hare starts to wilt. Thank you for sending me that hare coloor last Xmas. Come to think of it, it was kinda peach coloor. Maybe a differnt coloor this year.

Joe Biden is the baddest guy. Don’t brng him nothing gude. He sent lots of emales this year, which we all knowe Hillary did and so it must be bad. And his friends work at a piza place in the city wheere they do bad things to kids. And his son shoots wild annimals, I think. They call him a hunterr.

The peopl in You Krane are verry bad two. They have lots of dirt on the Bidens and won’t give it two me. The Bidens are soo dirty that they haf to take too baths evry day! But pleas give me some of that dirt so I can spred it.

Obama is verry bad two. He tried to make peopl go to docters. I don’t like docters. They tell me I am two fat. So get rid of docters pleas this year.

One moer thing Santa. Peopl are verry unhapy now. We need to hep them. Can you pleas send us Jesus Christ again. He can hep verry much.

Becaus I think I need a new runing mate.


Donald J. Trump

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