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Kicking Off My Bucket List


I have no plan to die anytime soon. But I have been thinking lately about my mortality and all the things I want to do before I pass on. So here’s a first crack at a bucket list. I’d like to hear about what is important to you. Maybe you’ll persuade me to amend my list.


Here goes:

  1. Visit Egypt

I want to cruise the Nile River and tour the pyramids. But mostly I want to get confronted by terrorists and punch one in the face. Might as well go out swinging.

  1. See One Washington Sports Team Win Something

The baseball, football, hockey and basketball teams in D.C.—well, most of them—are pretty good at times. Until it comes to the playoffs. Then they melt like butter. Just once….

  1. All the Stuff Steve Martin Wished For

Remember that terrific “Saturday Night Live” Christmas skit? The one in which he wishes that all the little children could hold hands in harmony—and a few other things. I want all that. You can watch the skit here.

  1. Three Straight Spring Days Without Rain

It hasn’t happened. It probably never will. I’m getting used to talking my daily walk in the rain. But please, just three days.

  1. Be a Contestant on “Celebrity Stalker”

Okay, there is no such show. But there should be. And when there is, I want to compete for cash or prizes by stalking some overrated, overpaid actor or model on some obscure cable channel.

  1. Grow a 50-Pound Tomato

My garden is a source of great spiritual satisfaction, not to mention vegetables, fruit and flowers. And my gardening book won two awards. Still, there’s got to be some new challenge to keep me covered in mud year after year. So that’s my goal.

  1. Discover Clothes That Don’t Shrink

First of all, it seems ridiculous that a guy can wear the same clothes over and over and they wear out after a mere 10 or 15 years. But the fact that the waistlines on my pants keep shrinking—even without them being washed—is just too much.

  1. Find a Use for Laundry Lint

Speaking of washing, this thing about laundry lint is really bothering me. We pull it out of the dryer and just toss it in the trash. That’s millions of tons of useless waste filling our landfills every day. There are people devoted to cutting down on plastic that enters our oceans and other goody-goody projects. They should find something to do with laundry lint. Maybe they can turn it into, I don’t know, laundry.

  1. Discover a Cure for Sarcasm

Some people tell me that they never know when I’m being serious and when I’m being sarcastic. I tell them: It’s easy. I’m never serious and I’m always sarcastic. But now I hear that there might be a cure for sarcasm that involves only a partial lobotomy. Sign me up.

  1. Have a Real President Again

Forget the other nine bucket list items. I don’t even care that much whether the next president is a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Vegetarian or Philatelist. I just want a president who surrounds himself or herself with good people and listens to their advice. And doesn’t start any wars.


Campaign Survival Guide


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have been bombarded with news and propaganda about the Nov. 8 elections. It’s only going to get worse during the final days. Here are tips to survive the remainder of the 2016 campaign:


It’s not just the headlines on the evening news. The commercials are offensive as well. For example: Trump tried to have sex with all 37 Radio City Rockettes. Hillary emailed secret Coca-Coca formula to Pepsi executives. Shadowy organizations with indecipherable initials like the DCCCCC spend millions to bombard us with dubious claims about the other side—especially at this point in the campaign, when it’s too late to deny or counter the charges. If you must watch the tube, record your shows and fast-forward through the commercials.



These days, the papers are filled with shock-value headlines. Perhaps that’s because, if they weren’t filled with such headlines, no one would read them anymore. Recognize that the papers are likely to give you heartburn while you eat your Wheaties. Trump plans to deport all residents of Blue States. Hillary invites alien civilization to settle in North Carolina. Similarly, the internet is filled with wild, unsubstantiated claims—with the exception of this blog, of course. If you venture onto the web, expect to encounter some really absurd fantasies. Trump fired contestants on The Apprentice. President Obama fathered two black children.


Campaign mail is particularly nasty, but it is easily avoided. Treat it like bills. Stick it in a drawer for a few weeks. Trump: I’d like to punch the Pope. Hillary: I thought Benghazi was a pain-relief cream.


Campaign staffers are trying to get you to go door to door to get out the vote, or simply to persuade you to vote for their candidate. And pollsters are trying to figure out who you are voting for. Some people who identify themselves on the phone as pollsters are actually campaign staffers pretending to be pollsters. Others are insurance salespersons pretending to be pollsters. Let the phone ring and go to voicemail until Nov. 9. Would you still vote for Trump if you knew that he fantasized about having sex with Mother Teresa? Would you still vote for Hillary if you knew that she gave our secret nuclear codes to North Korea?


Please do vote. But as you approach your polling location, avoid being intimidated by people trying to talk to you or hand you items such as fliers, sample ballots, money, guns and drugs. If the weather permits, wear a heavy coat and gloves, and keep your hat pulled down over your face. Talk to no one. Look straight ahead. If it’s too warm for a coat, cover yourself in bubble wrap and ignore the handouts and shouting. Trump plans to install a casino in the West Wing. Hillary is considering Satan for Secretary of State.


It could be a long night. It could be a disappointing night. Even if your candidate wins, it probably won’t be a particularly cheerful night.

But at least it will be over.

Welcome, Outsiders


Welcome, outsiders, I’m your tour guide, Llewellyn. Congratulations on passing all the Beltway Border background checks and making it into Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. You have all been certified as having no previous experience in government at any level. What’s more, you all have work and personal histories demonstrating no strong experience or knowledge in any important field. In short, you’re perfect for the new Washington.

The tour will start shortly. But first, are they are questions?


Do I understand you correctly, little Timmy? You want to know who is the president of the United States right now, and if we can go see him? That’s a great question, little Timmy. Let’s see. First it was President Trump. Then there was a new Supreme Court after most of the former justices decided to move to South America. Then there was a new amendment to the Constitution requiring that all government officials be outsiders. I think President Trump filled most of the high court openings with smart people from New York. Investors in his businesses, if I recall.

But then an amazing and wonderful thing happened, little Timmy. What’s that? Timmy isn’t your name? It is if I say so.

Where was I? Oh yes, an amazing thing happened. The outsiders elected to the Congress decided that once a president had been in office for a month, he or she—excuse me for laughing at the idea of a woman president—He was no longer an outsider. He had been in office long enough to become an insider. And you know what we do to insiders.

Don’t get me wrong. All the insiders are being taken care of very well in the camps. At least, that’s what I read in the newspaper. The newspaper written and edited by members of the Falls Church ladies garden club. How very accurate they are. Who misses that scum who used to fill the White House press corps!

So the Supreme Court agreed with the Congress, and Mr. Trump moved to Texas to work on that Big Wall. Then there was President Sanders. Then, if I recall correctly, President Cruz. Then a bunch of folks. And today, why it’s Charlie Sheen. But I don’t think we can go see him today, fellow outsiders. The White House is still being renovated into a casino and hotel complex that will eventually cover 24 square blocks.

The first stop on our tour is the National Symphony building, where the old orchestra has been replaced by 16 marching bands from rural states. When they all play different songs at once and march into one another, it’s quite an experience. We won’t stop as we pass the Department of the Interior. It’s still being besieged by unemployed ranchers from out West. We’re confident that any day now their shipment of snacks will arrive and they will storm the building and take charge there.

After that we’ll make a quick stop at Walter Reed Hospital, where some of the finest Americans care for our many war wounded. The surgeons have no training, but as you know most of them stayed recently at a Holiday Inn Express. We’ll have lunch across from the majestic Capitol building. If we’re in luck, we might get a glimpse of some of the Scout Groups who now debate and pass our laws.

What’s that you ask, little Timmy? Why aren’t we moving? That’s another great question. The outsiders responsible for trash collection, for motor vehicle repair, for making the traffic signals work and for a few other relatively unimportant functions are still getting up to speed, as they say. But gridlock is not really much of an impediment for me, little Timmy, given the fact that I’m blind. The important thing is that we are all outsiders, and that the future belongs to us.

Any other questions?